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A post wedding photoshoot in the mountains of Tenerife

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

How we can help you choose the best Tenerife landscapes for your post wedding photo shoot.

On some of our previous blog posts we have discussed the advantages of post wedding photography and why we recommend that our couples invest in a post wedding shoot after their Tenerife wedding. Not only does a post wedding photoshoot give you the opportunity to take a moment together, to reflect on your wedding and the journey you’ve been through as a couple, but it is something special just for the two of you to connect and take a moment away from everyone. It’s also a fab reason to be able to put that dress or suit on again!

Most of our couples who decide to enjoy a post wedding shoot will ask us for recommendations of where the shoot should take place. We advise choosing somewhere on the island that either has a lot of meaning to you as a couple, maybe a special place you visited or an area of the island that has your favourite views, or we recommend picking somewhere that is the complete opposite to where you held your Tenerife wedding. Choosing somewhere different for your post wedding shoot really helps separate it from your wedding day itself, meaning they both become special events for you to treasure and you will have a set of images with a totally different backdrop, look and feel to your wedding photos.

We are so lucky in the Canary Islands to have such a huge array of incredible landscapes, ranging from beaches, to cliffs, mountains, dunes, forests and even volcanos, it really gives our couples a wide variety of places to choose from to achieve those wedding photos with added wow factor!

This lovely couple originally from Russia and Bulgaria are lucky to call the beautiful island of Tenerife their home. They know the island well and for their wedding day they came to us looking for sea views, palm trees and a fabulous place to watch the sunset.

They enjoyed a beautiful wedding day with family and friends in a plush beach club, which boasts uninterrupted views of the Atlantic ocean which made a beautiful backdrop for their wedding photos. This is why for their post wedding photography we wanted to give them something totally different, so we headed up the mountains in between the pine trees to one of the highest points in Spanish territory.

This beautiful bride purchased her wedding dress in Russia. A stunning dress with the most intricate bead work that covered the entire body and ran the whole length of the train, and the groom wore a suit in a striking navy blue colour. The mountain range we chose has a dry dusty landscape, that both her dress and his suit stood out beautifully from.

Because this lovely couple had gotten to know us in the months leading up to their wedding, they were completely relaxed in front of the camera. They enjoyed a couple of hours just before sunset connecting, laughing, even dancing and we were just there to capture it for them. The result was really natural photos, in a stunning location that showed the relationship they share. The perfect way to finish their wedding experience here in Tenerife.

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Helen & Juan xx

Organisation : Licandro Weddings

Photography : Juan Licandro

Wedding dress: Like Miracle Wedding Salon


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