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How to plan an itimate micro wedding in Tenerife

2020 is behind us and it tested us all in ways we could never have imagined. It asked us in the wedding industry to rethink how we organise our events and how we could tweak and change things to create wedding days equally as special as the year before, all of course whilst working under changing restrictions and most importantly making sure we kept our couples and their loved ones safe.

No easy task but if love was not cancelled then we could not cancel either.

The past year also asked those of you celebrating your wedding to look at your day from another perspective and we applaud you for doing so! For us the weddings that we organised during the difficulties of 2020 were so special. It confirmed to us that the most important part of any wedding day will always be the couple and them getting to declare their love and marry each other and this holds as much importance regardless of the size of the wedding congregation.

Here we are in 2021 and the continuing changing worldwide restrictions are causing many couples to decide to downscale their wedding day, choosing to celebrate in a smaller, more intimate way.

So if you are currently in the process of planning your wedding day this year under the current limitations, read on for some tips on how to make your day every bit as special as you envisaged, plus why we say Tenerife is the perfect place for your micro wedding or elopement.

Make the ceremony memorable - In any wedding of any size the ceremony is the most emotional part of the day. On my own wedding day I blocked out all background noise and what was going on around me. This moment really is just about the two of you and the love you share, so make the moment count.

Restrictions currently make it harder to celebrate in enclosed indoor spaces. This is why Tenerife and it´s beautiful climate make such a perfect choice for your day.

Outdoor venues on indoor spaces with lots of ventilation are the best choices currently and there are so many options for wedding venues with incredible outdoor ceremony areas in Tenerife. So be creative and pick a venue that has a ceremony space that takes your breath away.

Tenerife is not only known for the yearlong good weather, but also for the diverse nature all found here on one small island too. From beautiful beaches to mountain ranges, incredible volcanic backdrops and forests Tenerife has it all. So if you are celebrating outdoors, choose an incredible backdrop to make sure your wedding photos have the wow factor no matter the ceremony size!

Just like this beautiful Tenerife wedding venue with a ceremony spot right in front of a dramatic volcanic ravine!

Make you wedding banquet picture perfect - This year many couples are choosing small intimate elopements or micro weddings with a selected small group of guests and when planning an event with a smaller number it’s important to find a space that feels intimate and fitting for the day.

The banquet is the one moment of your day which can still be exactly as you planned. Current rules include the removal of masks once seated and consuming at a table, so go all out and make the table incredible, even if it's just for the two of you!

You can wine and dine for hours, chatting, celebrating and enjoying each other's company at a picture perfect table. Sounds good right! Make your table as delicate or dramatic as you want and whatever your preferred style be it, bohemian, rustic, pretty or glamorous we say go full out when decorating this area

This Tenerife wedding venue includes its own cave. Yes a cave! Absolutely perfect for a small wedding banquette. Here we decorated with lots of foliage, florals of white and blush tones, all mixed in with fresh fruits and dried wheats which lent itself perfectly to the rustic features of the venue. We added lots of candle light to make the area feel even more warm, inviting and intimate.

Make sure you don´t miss out on photography - Capture everything! Just because it´s a samller day than originally planned does not mean that you don´t want every moment recorded.

Equally it doesn´t mean that you shouldn´t enjoy every moment you would have if you had been celebrating with a larger wedding. Many of our brides who have downscaled have still wanted to enjoy all the bridal perks including hair and makeup services, wedding transportation, beautiful florals and all the moments you have waited so long for, so make sure all these moments get captured. From your preparation photos, to your ceremony and banquette make sure every part is documented.

One perk of a micro wedding is as you have less guests to worry about you can enjoy more time for couple's photography throughout your day. Talk with your photographer about leaving your venue to go get photos in a different location and enjoy the opportunity to connect and take a moment just the two of you.

These are just some of the recommendations we would make if you are planning to celebrate a micro wedding or elopement in Tenerife. Celebrate your love in a safe, secure and beautiful way. Remember a small wedding doesn´t mean you can't go big with your ideas!

But are you planning a small intimate wedding? Have you considered Tenerife as a place to hold your micro wedding or elopement?

Or are you a couple waiting a little longer until restrictions lift to be able to celebrate a large wedding celebration?

Let us know and don´t forget you can get in touch with any questions you might have about your wedding day here in Tenerife.

Helen & Juan

Wedding Planner : Licandro Weddings

Photography : Juan Licandro Photography

Wedding Dress: Blumynt

Flowers: Floristeria Mistica


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