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A post wedding photoshoot on a beautiful beach in Tenerife

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Why we think a post wedding photoshoot is the perfect way to finish your Tenerife Wedding experience.

Many of our couples tell us after their Tenerife wedding has finished that their dream day went by so fast, and they just want to do it all over again.

Their day was everything they wished for and more, however many couples are not quite ready to leave the wedding joy behind straight away!

You spend months sometimes years planning your big day. The lead up to your Tenerife wedding is full of anticipation and emotion, and we think that once your wedding day has finished a post wedding photoshoot here in Tenerife is the perfect way to keep that wedding excitement going for just a little longer! 

Your Tenerife wedding will be one of the most wonderful moments of your life, however it can also be one of the busiest times of your life too. You can be so caught up in the excitement of catching up with loved ones, celebrating, and creating amazing memories that you don’t always get a moment to stop and reflect.

A post wedding shoot is the perfect way to take a moment together and look back at everything you've just been through and relive your day. It is also the perfect opportunity for your photographer to concentrate on just the two of you, to capture your relationship and that post wedding glow you will still be wrapped up in. 

Some of our couples want to use their post wedding shoot as a reason to put their wedding dress or suit on one more time, and some couples want to enjoy a romantic moment just the two of them, or to have photos in one of their favourite spots here on the island.

Maybe you would like your post wedding photos somewhere you have visited before, or an area of Tenerife that has special meaning to you as a couple. Or perhaps you would like photos somewhere that is the complete opposite in style to your chosen Tenerife wedding venue, so you have a variety of photos to print and treasure.

You could choose a photoshoot in the mountains if you are going to enjoy a beach side Tenerife wedding day, or a beach photoshoot if you are planning a Tenerife finca wedding.

We are lucky to have endless beautiful backdrops for you to choose from here in Tenerife, so the options for your post wedding photoshoot are endless.

This lovely couple contacted us as they were travelling from Romania to Tenerife to enjoy their honeymoon here in the Canarian sunshine and wanted to enjoy a post wedding photoshoot whilst here on the island.

They both love the beaches here in the Canary Islands, and as their wedding had been in a more traditional venue we decided the shoot would take place on a beautiful part of the coastline in the south of Tenerife. 

We picked a stunning long sandy beach that still enjoys the dramatic volcanic backdrop that Tenerife is famous for, and some of the most stunning sunset views in the south of the island. 

This couple brought their wedding dress and suit with them to Tenerife, and were definitely not afraid to get their feet wet in the ocean! 

They are such a fun couple, so we left them laughing and giggling between themselves and were just there to capture these moments for them on camera.

They enjoyed a few hours just the two of them talking, laughing and soaking up Tenerife's sunset.

The result was beautifully natural photos that we think are the perfect representation of the type of relationship these two are lucky to share, and the ideal way to finish their wedding experience with memories to take home of walking along the shore of the Atlantic underneath the light of the moon. 

Get in contact to book your post wedding photoshoot in Tenerife

Helen & Juan xx

Organisation : Licandro Weddings

Photos : Juan Licandro Photography


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