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A pre wedding photoshoot on the beach in beautiful Tenerife

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Why we think a pre wedding photoshoot is the perfect way to start your Tenerife Wedding experience.

The lead up to your wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life, however it can also be one of the busiest times with dress fittings, sorting the guest list and making sure you have everything packed for your big day, especially if you are not based in Tenerife and are travelling to the Canary Islands to celebrate 

That’s why we suggest to our couples that they invest in a pre wedding photoshoot, as its the perfect opportunity to take some time out from all the planning to connect and enjoy a moment just the two of you.

A pre wedding shoot is not only a fantastic way of kicking off your Tenerife wedding excitement early, but also a great way to meet and get to know your photographer, so that you will feel super comfortable in front of the lens on the day of your wedding 

Some of our couples have even used their pre wedding photos to print as their save the dates or wedding invitations, to use on their wedding websites or to have out on show on their special day. We think they are all fantastic ideas to bring a personal touch to your wedding.

This gorgeous couple are originally from Italy, but they actually met and fell in love in Australia before deciding to move and set up home in beautiful Tenerife 

They are both beach lovers and love the ocean, so it felt fitting to shoot their pre wedding on one of Tenerife's most picturesque beaches in the north of the island. 

This incredible beach is situated at the very tip of Tenerife and enjoys incredible sunsets and a dramatic volcanic rock coastline which makes for a stunning backdrop for your photos. The road to reach it through the mountains is a bit winding (like many here in the Canaries) but well worth the drive for the final outcome! 

This couple were not afraid to get themselves wet in the waves of the Atlantic, putting their swimwear on and diving in (they assured us it wasn't cold!) and were so natural on the beach that we just stepped back to let them be, and discreetly captured them having a moment of fun and connection between the two. 

We believe the result was beautifully tender but carefree shots to treasure forever. You can almost hear their laughter through the photos.

These two love having a good time and were a blast in front of the camera so we cannot wait to shoot their wedding! 

Get in contact to book your pre wedding photoshoot here in Tenerife

Helen & Juan xx

Organisation : Licandro Weddings

Photographer : Juan Licandro


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